Pan-Pioneer produce variety of stranding machine which include tubular stranding machine

(Tubal) Tubular  Stranding Machine

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  Tubular stranding machine  is the best choice for   back-twist  purpose.   The advantages it owns are it can run with high twist speed and better cost/performance value.

The Tubular stranding machine can apply to variety of wire production purpose. Most of the time it contains 6 cradles with one outside for central wire. It is quite efficient in comparison with other types back-twist stranding machine. Such as the Star type stranding machine  or the Drum Twist machine are about far less efficient than Tubular stranding machine. Of course , it is not fair if we just compare the speed of the machine instead what kind of wire they are most suitable to. However , if you want to twist 7 copper/aluminum wires , then it should be the no.1 choice for you.

    Sometimes , for speed-up purpose , some cable manufacturers select Tubular stranding machine instead of the 6B cage segment for the Rigid stranding machine are also based on the reason showing above . Besides , Tubular stranding machine is more efficient than the 6B rigid stranding machine.