Pan-Pioneer Co., Ltd. supply variety of Drawing machine , Extrusion machine, Stranding machine, Bunching machine, Extruder, multi-wire drawing machine.

Pan-Pioneer Co., Ltd.

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  Wire Drawing machines: Pan-Pioneer offer variety of wire drawing machine, such as Extra heavy duty rod breakdown drawing machine which Draw copper rod from 20mm down to 8mm, rod breakdown drawing machine Draw copper rod from 8mm down to 1.2mm,Intermediat drawing machine draw copper wire from 3.2 down to 0.3mm, fine wire drawing machine draw draw copper wire down to 0.08mm. Tinning wire, bronze wire, or special alloy wire drawing machine. 

   Except for this, Pan-Pioneer also offer multi wire drawing machine, tandem line drawing machine, in line wire drawing machine. 

Pan-Pioneer offer  full line of wire drawing machine with annealer  and variety of takeup / payoff stand to our customers, such as auto-change dual spooler, static down coiler , etc.

Pan-Pioneer New Announced Fine wire drawing machine with Ultra-High Frequency annealing technology. The latest technology used on Pan-Pioneer continuous annealing approach is to discard the disadvantage of the traditional and out-of-date AC voltage annealing which is controlled by SCRs.
  High frequency annealing for annealing save your electricity bill, much more accurate elongation control of your products, and save your space up to 35%.

  Interested in this machine? Please contact with Pan-Pioneer without hesitation.

  Our fine wire drawing machine has 22dies/24dies models and the area reduction ratio can be adjusted for customers request.

  Pan-Pioneer promote our new intermediate wire drawing machine with continuous annealing and switchable single spooler 
and down coiler. Single spooler with hard wire discard device for better 
quality of products, it is an option since Pan-Pioneer new annealing technology already
 approach Zero hard wire functionality. Down coiler with conveyor send the coiler automatically.
Pan-Pioneer promote our new Multi-wire drawing machine with Quick Die Change functionality on it.  This model of wire drawing machine is suitable for automotive wire, enameling wire