Pan-Pioneer Co., Ltd. supply variety of Wire Drawing machine , annealer, in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer).


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Fine Wire Drawing Machine

This range of size copper wire are most widely used for electronic wire, building wire, and  enamalled wire in the market nowadays. 

    The most important part to evaluate the quality of the fine wire drawing machine is the quality of the wire it producing ,for enameling wire especially. 
   There are two types of fine wire drawing machines, one is without in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) and another is equipped with a continuous in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer). There are also two types of drawing dies as well.

1.2.) Pan-Pioneer Fine wire drawing machine  New features :
fine wire drawing machine  No need steam or Nitrogen needed for wire anti-oxidation (discolor) during in-line continuous annealing process.
1.2.2.) New technology of
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) power control (Patent) with fin tuned functionality for different applications (wire sizes, different materials such as tin-coated , brass wire, and production at variable speed such as ramping up and slow down)
1.2.3.) 10 tuning
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) points for each in-line continuous annealing curve adjustment., This is very important since operator can fine turn the in-line continuous annealing curve under different wire drawing condition and 
fine wire drawing machine  for Different material, different sizes of product parameters can be store in CCCS and recall them while making the same products.
fine wire drawing machine for Semi-hard wire production is applicable (10% -20% for example) for special application.
1.2.6.) Precise in-line continuous annealing power control at low line speed for hard wire elimination.
1.2.7.) Vibration eliminator equipped in annealer for High speed operation.
1.2.8.) Foldable wire drawing cover with viewing windows, which is made by tempered glass.
fine wire drawing machine Safety door with viewing windows on in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer).
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer)  lubricants level viewing windows for fine tune the in-line continuous annealing result.
1.2.11.) Built-in stainless wire drawing and in-line continuous annealing lubricant tanks which save the spaces and easier for copper dust cleaning.
1.2.12.) Completion of both
fine wire drawing machine Internal circulation / external circulation piping system with wire draining machine pipe connectors. Machines can operate independently or with lubricant tank shared with other fine wire drawing machine.
1.2.13.) Copper dust collectors in internal circulation pipes for collecting copper dust of
fine wire drawing machine .
1.2.14.) Color touch screen monitor for more easier operation on
fine wire drawing machine .
1.2.15.) fine wire drawing machine  Precise weight-balancer type constant tension control, which overcome the disadvantage of the spring-type tension control.
1.2.16.) High accuracy
fine wire drawing machine  close loop speed control for constant quality products.
1.2.17.) Anti-Corrosion high accurate Forged
fine wire drawing machine  die holder rather than casting ones.
1.2.18.) High-frequency / High-efficiency (95% and up) transformer rather than traditional low efficiency transformer (80% maximum).
1.2.19.) Maximum
fine wire drawing machine line speed achievement (2000mpm) Once the I.D. of the take-up bobbin reach the minimum I.D. of fine fine wire drawing machine mechanism design requests minimum I.D.
For example, this machine is designed 2000Mpm with DIN 46397 315mm bobbin. To achieve, the mechanism design of take-up stand, the maximum rotation of take-up shaft is 4500rpm for the inner diameter of the 315mm bobbin. When this machine is utilized on 250mm bobbin , for example, the I.D. of 250mm bobbin may smaller than I.D. of 315mm bobbin , therefore when the take-up reach 4500rpm, the line speed will still lower than 2000mpm ( the line speed should be 4500rpm* 3.1416* I.D.). Under such circumstances,
fine wire drawing machine will slow down to keep the synchronization between them.
When the take-up reel I.D. is increasing due to the drawn wire rewound on the bobbin, the maximum line speed take-up bobbin is increasing as well. Drawing machine will increase the line speed automatically to match the maximum line speed the take-up bobbin can reach until the line speed reach the maximum of the fine wire drawing machine (that¡¦s say 2000mpm- 2500mpm) and keep the
fine wire drawing machine speed constant until the take-up bobbin is fully loaded.
IOW, the whole system of this fine fine wire drawing machine may operate at highest speed its mechanism can reach.
If we put this in mathematical formula , it should show like this way :
fine wire drawing machine Line speed (rpm) = Min ( mechanism design of Drawing machine maximum line speed, mechanism design of in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) the maximum fine wire drawing machine line speed it can achieve, mechanism design of take-up stand line speed)
This system won¡¦t let any parts of
fine wire drawing machine  over speed. Once anyone of them has reached its maximum capacity, the machine will limit the performance of this machine and increase / decrease maximum line speed anytime once any factors which limit the maximum line speed are disengaged or activated . 
In short, this
fine wire drawing machine  can keep running at its highest performance automatically by internal control software (CCCS) for Users. No other machine maker can achieve except Pan-Pioneer.
1.2.20.) High-speed communication for system in-line continuous annealing and synchronization control.
By using this technology, the wiring job becomes very compact, easy for maintenance and diagnosis once failures occur. The other advantage of this
fine wire drawing machine  is this high speed communication system is total immune to environment noises generated from other devices, such as SCR controller , AC inverters, or electric drills¡Ketc. The similar technology that we call it ¡§fly by wire¡¨ is also adopted on some modem vehicles such as BMW, BENZ¡Ketc. 
Pan-Pioneer is the first one and the only one who use this technology on practical products and acquire great success, Many of our customers use this machine at different materials for over at least 11/2 years without any complains about it. We are also one (and the only one) not Japanese based machine maker who is a qualified
fine wire drawing machine supplier .
1.2.21.) Remarks: all the contents listed in this quotation has been tested with oxygen-free copper and Tin-coating copper wire. Other material of wire drawing test result may not be the same as which listed Herein.

1.3.) Application : 
1.3.1.) Pure Copper wire drawing
1.3.2.) Tin plated copper is suitable for apply in this
fine wire drawing machine .
1.3.3.) Brass wire (
fine wire drawing machine special modifications needed)
1.6.1.) 2000 (mechanism design is 2200 , limited by the bobbin I.D.) MPM Max. (0.127 for example) for DIN 305-335mm
remark : The Maximum is limited by the I.D.(Inner Diameter) of bobbins .(For software can cover up to 2500 mpm )
1.7.) Mechanism wire drawn area reduction ratio : 9% for the final capstan, 15% for the rest. (custom-design available)
1.8.) fine wire drawing machine Number of dies: 22pcs
1.9.) Type and stages of drawing capstan :4 units of Cone type with 10 steps for each drawing capstan plus inlet and final drawing dies.
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) Drawing die holders : Total two sets, each set with 10 arched die holder fine wire drawing machine are made of forged stainless steel.
1.11.) Spooler: 305/315/335 mm(OD)*127mm(ID)*214mm(W).(or custom-design) swelling type.
1.12.) Driving motor: 
1.12.1.) 20HP vector type AC motor with Vector type inverter for
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) fine wire drawing machine
1.12.2.) 10HP vector type AC motor with Vector type inverter with encoder control.
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) capacity: High frequency transformer system.
1.14.) Color Japanese Human-Machine Interface (MMI)
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) control system with PLC
1.15.) ModBus high speed communication signal control system.
1.16.) Continuous in-line continuous annealing
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) device:
1.16.1.) Ultra High Frequency True RMS
in-line continuous annealing power control system with PWM control mode.(patented)
1.16.2.) Easy clean fine wire drawing machine stainless
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) cooling tank with pump for circulation with optional heat exchanger and copper dust filter.
1.16.3.) Independent
in-line continuous annealing curves to different wire sizes. Curves can be fine tuned if needed. CCCS system can memorize up to 20 in-line continuous annealing curves which can be recalled anytime changing the wire drawn sizes.
1.16.4.) Ball type valves for easy operation
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) 3 contact sheaves compact type.
in-line continuous annealing machine ( annealer) 2 ultra high flow air wipers ( patented )
1.16.7.) Drawing die sequence (example)