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  Pan-Pioneer New Announced high speed extrusion machine controlled by CCCS technology. The latest technology used on Pan-Pioneer extrusion control approach is to discard the disadvantage of the traditional and out-of-date temperature gauge controller and synchronization system.
  Much more accurate temperature control with self-learning fuzzy logic algorithm which  save your electricity bill up to 35% than traditional control system.

     Except this, Pan-Pioneer also offer  tandem line extrusion machine, in line extrusion and drawing  machine which is for telephone communication cable.

 Extrusion machine: Pan-Pioneer offer variety of extrusion machine, such as 120mm - 150mm extrusion machine which is for high-medium voltage cable insulation ,75mm-90mm multi-purpose extrusion machine  which is for high speed medium-low voltage cable extrusion, shielding purpose. 50mm-70mm high speed extrusion  which is for building wire , automotive harness, and computer power cord, fine cable extrusion machine draw draw copper cable down to 0.08mm. Tinning cable, bronze cable etc.. 

  Generally speaking, the output of the extrusion machine depends on the the screw diameter, screw rotation speed, L/D ratio, and design of the screw. This is a very sophisticated while making a big with good quality  output  screw. 

  Different extruder screw design represent different approach to material. 

  Pan-Pioneer promote our new Co-extrusion machine for color strip , color skin, and foam skin. This co-extruder is movable with under roller on it , suitable for general cable, building wire, audio wire, and automotive harness as well.


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