Pan-Pioneer Co., Ltd. supply variety  Extrusion machine, granulation machine, Extruder, and co-extruder.

65 to 90 mm extrusion line


    This range of size extruders are most popular extruder in the market nowadays. The purpose of usage this extruder is for :

   1)General purpose building wires
   2)PE/PVC/XLPE/NYLON multi-layer  system

    The purpose of the extruder is designed as a multi-usage extruder since Customers always want to purchase a extruder which can produce  wide range variety of cable/wire. If you are looking for this kind of extrusion  machine , then it is here.    

    With different type of screws , this extruder can operate with different materials you need. The output of this range of extruder ,our design, is big enough to do a big cable . Meanwhile, it is also delicate if you want to operate it for just small wire/cable just by swapping the crossheads and using different take-up/payoff and caterpillar/capstan with a suitable for it . Normally , the budget buyers will purchase this extrusion line with 2 payoffs , 2 take-ups , and one caterpillar and one capstan for multi-purpose usage. Please refer to the layout page for details.