Rigid Stranding Machine


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    Rigid Stranding machine is one of the most  popular type of stranding machine in cable/wire business. This is because of its variety of application. 

    The rigid stranding  machine can apply to variety of wire production purpose.
    There are 4 kinds of rigid stranding machines however the design concepts are identical. For example , you can have one segment with 6 cages which is just for 7 wires stranding purpose. If you are looking for 13 wires stranding , you can have one cage with 12 cages . if you have two lineup segments (one is 6 cages type  and the other is 12 cagess type) , then you can have 7/13/19 wires stranding application . Based on the same concept , the more segments lineup , the more combination you can get. However , by following the rules of the cable specifications , the most common layout of the rigid stranding machine is with  4 segments : 6 cages + 12 cages + 18 cages + 24 cages. you can see the following table for more details.

Combination Table

A : 6B   CAGES
7wires A
19wires A+B
37wires A+B+C
61wires A+B+C+D

    Of course , for the budget buyers , it is not necessary to purchase the whole lineup if they want to make 61wire stranding . There are several alternative way to achieve this goal. For example, if you have a 7 reel tubular stranding machine already , then you  can save the money without buying the 6 reel cage. If you are still want to save more ( this is  also what we suggest to our customers) , you can save the money from 24 reel cage instead of going through the machine twice when you produce 61wire stranding.  This is how we do for 61wire stranding . 

   The other approach is to use 48 , 84 ,or even 96 bobbins in one cage for special purpose, such armoring , steel wiring lane-up , or high voltage copper wire stranding. The size of the bobbins , or course, are smaller than the multi-cage strander. Normally , it is smaller than 400mm DIN size for safety purpose.