Pan-Pioneer is one of the biggest Cable/Wire machine manufacturers in Far-Eastern Asia. With over three decades of experience in Cable/Wire machinery manufacturing .Pan- Pioneer can  offer  not  only  the  most  cost- performance machines but also the adequate total solution for our customers.

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  Therefore , purchasing from Pan - Pioneer is not just buying the machine  but also with the cable manufacturing knowledge herewith.

  It is invaluable no matter you are a well experienced cable/ wire manufacturer already or you just want to involve in this business.

 For well experienced cable/wire manufacturers , they can step up their  efficiency by our advises utilizing our machines and for those recruits in this business , they can save their time and money by just following our instructions of teaching them how to produce cable/wire.

 Besides , Pan-Pioneer also offer the latest technologies in our system - CCCS (central control computerize system). For example, the redundant computer system theory for system backup and more security purpose. The utilizing of the world wide web which make our machine can be monitored by pan-pioneer diagnosis system at any time to guarantee the machine is always under good condition. Our customers also can on line conversation with pan-pioneer engineers overseas through the pan-pioneer diagnosis system.  The further part is all the operation and data records for the manufacturing are stored in our database system . Which is valuable since our engineers and your maintenance staff can diagnose base on the error records and trace back. These are the so called MMI system can not support.

    For the operators , it is the easiest machine they have never used before since all the instruction are on line and they can learn how to use the machine directly from the monitor and all the data they require to operate the machine are already in the database system . What they need to do is recall the data they need from the database and start the machine . Then everything is done. Operation is no longer by the experience of the operator and the quality of the products are guaranteed. This is also the spirit of the ISO. If you want to be an really qualified ISO manufacturer, our system definitely your first choice.

    By checking the left columns, you can see how wide range of the cable/wire machinery we offer . Please be pacient check those items you are interested in then let us know about it . We will be very delighted to offer you our best .