Pan-Pioneer Co., Ltd. supply variety of Stranding machine ,rod breakdown machine, fine wire stranding machine, medium stranding machine and intermediate stranding machine.

Pan-Pioneer Co., Ltd.

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  Stranding machines: Pan-Pioneer offer variety of stranding machine, such as Rigid stranding machine with auto loading device which is from 6B 12B 18B 30B 37B 54B 61B and 91B for variety of applications. Tubular stranding strander which is from 7B , 19B for high quality products. Skip (bow) type stranding strander which is especially suitable for 1+3B , 1+4B PVC control cable.

    Except for this, Pan-Pioneer also offer single and double twister machine with pre-twist device for Lan cable, such as CAT5 ,CAT5E,and CAT6.


an-Pioneer New Announced 96Bobbin Screening machine with 45 degree auto loading/unloading device. The latest technology used on Pan-Pioneer stranding machines approach is use high speed Modbus communication system replace traditional analogue signal control signal..
  The advantage of this new technology is for higher noise immunity , precise synchronization control, and better performance. 

   Pan-Pioneer promote our 1+3B, 1+4B skip (bow) type stranding machine which is suitable for 4 or 5 core control cable production. This is 10 times high speed than the traditional laying up machine. Pan-Pioneer promote our low-cost  630mm bunching machine for multi-wire conductor bunching purpose.