Name: PVC/LDPE Stripping Extruder

1.] Model:


Screw dia.




Output (Kg/Hr)





* EV-32


* EV-50
















*The information above may differ due to compound of material.

2.] Features:
2.1.) Type:
2.1.1.) For Model EV-32V, vertical type with triangle legs with short space for color stripping only
2.1.2.) For Model EV-32-40-50, horizontal compact type with three directions free portable support stand
2.2.) Application: to combine with main extrusion line for PVC/LDPE wire color stripping and/or skin sheathing
2.3.) Screw: BM type, C/R: 3.0
2.4.) Driven motor: AC motor c/w Inverter
3.] Machine composition:
3.1.) Striping extruder..........................1 set
3.2.) Injection point..............................1 set
3.3.) Auto-Loading Hopper..................1 set
3.4.) Operation panel w/ cabinet..........1 set
3.5.) Portable support stand................1 set
4.] Detail specifications:
4.1.) Main body of extruder:
4.1.1.) Screw type:
a.) Single thread compression type for color stripping
b.) BM Double thread compression type for skin sheathing
4.1.2.) Screw material:
a.) Material used: SACM1
b.) Treatment: to be nitrogenous treated after precision processing for screw thread and hard chrome plating for concave portion. hardness up to 80Hs
4.1.3.) Cylinder:
a.) Material: SACM 1
b.) Treatment: to be treated after precision processing, hardness up to 90HS
4.1.4.) Gear box:
a.) Box: a reduction worm gear box to be fitted on the support stand
b.) Transmission: flange type AC motor > gear box > screw
4.1.5.) Injection point:
a.) Type: screw joint type fix to the die holder of main extruder from top direction of the main cross head
b.) Clamp of x-head: 4 bolts lock type
4.1.6.) Hopper:
a.) Type: cone type
b.) Capacity: 12kg for EV-32 & EV-40, 25Kg for EV-50
c.) Shape: a viewing window, a take out port and a shutter to be fitted
4.1.7.) Loading of PVC: By manual (auto-loading is optional)
4.2.) Temperature controller:
4.2.1.) Type: Main control panel installed in the support stand, operation panel mounted near the cross head position for easy operation
4.2.2.) Temperature controller: PID type ±1.
4.2.3.) No. of temperature controller: 4 sets total

Cylinder zone: 3 sets

Injection point: 1 set

4.2.4.) Heater:

Cylinder: stainless steel band type 3 sections

Injection point: 1 set

4.2.5.) Cooling: fan cooling
a.) Cylinder: by 3 pcs of square cooling fans attached on the cover of cylinder.
b.) Injection pointed: by natural cooling
4.2.6.) Application of operation panel:
a.) Power source control
b.) Heating control
c.) Ampere/voltage meter
d.) Temperature controller

4.3.) Portable stand:
4.3.1.) Type: support stand with free rotating and forward/backward moving device, machine is very easy to mount with main extruder.
4.3.2.) Center height adjust: done by air cylinder for small adjust during joint work between injection point and the main extruder for precision adjusting
4.4.) Triangle stand: (Option)
4.4.1.) Optional order for EV-32V 32mm Color stripping extruder incase of small space occupied propose
4.4.2.) Type: portable type with triangle legs
4.4.3.) Height adjust: with a gear lack on the support stand, height of extruder is adjusted by a handle wheel
4.4.4.) Triangle leg: with moving roller and fix bolt

5.] Operation direction: Right hand (from left to right)